So you want to be a good girl…

goodgirlstrainer: The very first thing that you have to change is how you perceive sex. Let’s start with a simple definition. “sex” is an activity between two partners, for example a man and a woman, where the woman has her anus and mouth penetrated by her partner. It can of course involve other sexual activities, like nipple play or pussy licking, however the “main course” is the act of penetrating the anus. Therefore, instead of thinking “I am horny”, start thinking “I need cock in my ass”. Whenever you have the opportunity, not only think, but say “I’m going to be a good girl, I need cock in my ass”. Every time you say it, bend over and slap your ass. Do you need a cock in your ass now, sweetie? You know what to do. Just like that. That’s a good girl.

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