Message: First Ass to Mouth

Anonymous: I wasn’t planning to do this but now that it happened I’m kind of excited and proud about it and wanted to share. I was never into ass to mouth too much, I thought it looked hot in porn but was too scared to try it myself and thought it would be gross and the girls were just acting and pretending to enjoy it.

The other night I was having sex with my boyfriend in doggy and he pulled out of my ass and came around in front of me and held his cock in front of my face and it was so fast I just didn’t even think about it and started sucking. By the time my lips and tongue were around his cock, I realized what I was doing, but by then I was already committed and I also realized that not only was it not bad at all, it actually tasted pretty fucking good and it was really turning me on to suck my ass juices off his cock. I actually kept sucking until he came, I got so into it knowing his cock had just been inside my asshole and making me cum.

Afterwards he kissed me and hugged me and told me how amazing and hot it was and I guess between how much I liked it when I didn’t think I would and how much it turned him on too, I’m going to be doing it a lot more now. Last night we fucked again and I asked him to pull out and let me suck on it a few times throughout to practice and get used to it when I wasn’t suddenly surprised by it, and I still really liked it. I never thought I’d say it, but I love the taste of my ass, it’s sweet and kind of amazing. And it’s a new way to add lube! I’m not sure who likes it more, him or me. But I’m glad he got me out of my comfort zone with it and had me try it.

Ass to mouth can be an amazingly fun and hot thing to do once you’ve tried it a few times, and a lot of girls resist the idea because they think it will be gross without ever even trying it, but as you’ve discovered, trying it even just a few times tends to dispel those ideas and open you up to doing it much more. The more you do it, the more hooked you’ll get on it!

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