Message: Is It Gross For Me to Crave Eating Foods From My Wife’s Ass?

greygoosecranberryjuiceI have a fetish for everything ass/anal. Is it gross for me to crave eating foods from my wife’s ass? An example would be strawberries because they are quite easy to insert. I’m the only person within my circle who is openly attracted to butts, so my friends find my fetish gross and disgusting. I’m looking for reassurance that I’m not just weird and sick in the head.

Not at all. Rimming, ass to mouth and related things are all rapidly growing in popularity, even well outside of the anal only lifestyle. They’re fairly common acts for a lot of people, and are even showcased in popular culture more in recent years. A lot of people are still fairly sheltered from anal pleasure and fun, however, and hold on to various stigmas, unfortunately.

Keep enjoying what you enjoy, don’t worry about what others think. Continue sharing your love for anal and related things positively with friends, too—chances are some of them will start to get more interested with time.

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