Message: How I Became Anal Only

Hi, its great i found this site, because thought i’m only this kind. Ok, so here’s my story. Since my young days i felt sex is gross. I wasn’t keen in masturbation, actually haven’t tried it yet. Was a good girl. But one day when i was 23, i got little bit drunk and one of mine friends tricked me into pure anal stimulation. I din’t want him to stimulate my clitoris or vagina, because i was to shy, than he said: can i at least show you what your ass is worth? I was feeling there’s nothing gross, i don’t know why. So he did it with his finger. I felt it good. Later on i’ve had anal sex with some experienced guy. After few years of having anal time to time, i have felt my first orgasm. I’m 28 now, maybe i will have vaginal some day, but i think anal is the least stressful way for a girl to get comfortable with her intimacy.

Thanks for sharing your story! Starting with anal is a great way to go, I agree—no need to worry about hangups over pregnancy risk or keeping one’s vaginal virginity, and you can instead go straight to incredible pleasure and intimacy. There’s really no reason to ever bother with vaginal at this point, I would say, except for if you ever want to have children. Vaginal is for procreation, anal is for recreation.

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