Message: Can’t Have Vaginal, How Quickly Can I Do Anal?

Anonymous: I’m currently having health issues that have vaginal sex off the table via doctors requirement. Anal sex, on the other hand, is safe. I was wondering if it’s possible for an anal virgin to from nothing to boyfriends cock in a few days. Both of us are desperately horny. Any advice is appreciated

Sorry to hear about any health issues that you’re experiencing, but I admire your enthusiasm to take the opportunity to explore anal sex instead and perhaps open yourself up to the anal only lifestyle.

Everyone is different, and some can go straight to anal sex with minimal discomfort and love it right away. Others need a huge amount of practice and training to get to that point. Most are somewhere in between. I usually err on the side of taking more time than necessary to ease into it slowly in order for advice to apply to the most people, but ultimately the best thing is to just start exploring together and figure out what pace you need to be comfortable with it. Start small, with a lubricated finger or two, and work up from there. After you can fit a few fingers, you might be ready to try it with your boyfriend’s penis. If something hurts, stop or at least pause for a moment and adjust and see if it fades. If it doesn’t, go back to something smaller for a little bit and then try again. By gradually warming up that way, you can often quickly get to the point where you’re ready and can enjoy it. Always use lube of some sort, warm up before sex, start slow, and stop to reassess or pause briefly if something starts to hurt.

Good luck!

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