Message: Took Girlfriend’s Vaginal and Anal Virginity At Same Time

silvercrow503Hello while having sex with my girlfriend for the first time taking her virginity in the process. As someone that loves anal with and passion I also couldn’t help fingering and toying her hole to find out it was super lose and relaxed. After that I let her know I was going for it, lubed my dick up and popped her anal cherry in the same go. She enjoyed it but still wants vaginal. Any tips to help make her enjoy anal so much that the vagina is only needed for birthing children?

Eat her ass, play with it, and make anal pleasure for her a regular part of your sex life together. Make it as enjoyable an experience for her as you can on a very regular basis, and give her lots of orgasms during anal penetration. Right now, she probably wants to try everything because it’s all new, but if you show her how amazing anal can be, it will probably end up standing out as the best option.

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