Message: Started With Anal, After Trying Vaginal I’m Already Bored With It

Hi my name is Jan and I live in Estonia. I’m 19 years old and been together with my girlfriend since high school and she’s my age.

We had sex together first time when we were 16 and we started with anal sex mainly because both of us were afraid pregnancy and she didn’t want to loose virginity yet. Sure I have been licking her pussy and rubbing her clit hundreds of times but there was no vaginal penetration for two years so about little bit over an year ago I took also her pussy virginity.

I have never been with other girls and as far as I know she hasn’t fucked other guys so I have nothing to compare but even I was very excited to fuck her virgin pussy but the first time was not nice at all because she was hurting and blood but that we knew is coming…

Ok it didn’t take long time for her to start enjoying to get her pussy fucked but myself basically from day one I were and still am quite disappointed how pussy feels compared to butthole.

We are still very active in sex and still have anal sex in regular basis almost every time when we have sex and sometimes also we do have only anal sex because she still loves to get her butt fucked too but she do like to get her pussy fucked more.

For me I wouldn’t care if we would stop vaginal sex now and never to start it again or at least before we decide to have kids because at least for me anal sex is like 10 times more pleasurable but don’t dare to say it out loud to her even I have said that her butt feels better but haven’t told how much better or have said that her pussy basically does nothing to me.

Also problem is that I’m loosing interest in pussy fucking and while having sex I’m just waiting for the moment that when I can take my dick out from pussy and put it in the butt and as far as I know pussy doesn’t get better and tighter when the time goes by and her butthole is till this day as good as first time I fucked it.

I’m thinking about the ways how I could talk to her and ask her to go back the way we were before and only have anal sex because can’t see this ending well… We are still under 20 years old both of us and I’m already bored in pussy fucking.

Is there any advice for me how should I tell or talk about this or something I could do so that we could go back having only anal sex?

The reality of the fact that anal sex is so much better for so many people is that when you start with just anal for years and then go to vaginal later, there’s just no chance of ever enjoying it at the same level.

While taking care to be respectful of her and trying to avoid making her feel bad about herself, I think you owe it to the both of you to be honest with her and make sure she knows just how much more you prefer anal and that you have a really hard time even enjoying vaginal in comparison. At the same time, I’d try to focus on really making her enjoy the times you do have anal and making them extremely pleasurable for her and memorable experiences.

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