Message: My Girlfriend Loves All Things Anal

Anonymous: My girlfriend loves all things anal; she always prefer my attention to be on her ass. If she is blowing me, or I am fucking her pussy, she always makes me finish in her ass. She loves anal so much that is has started to become fixated in mine. Just last night, she fucked me for an hour with a 7 inch dildo while denying me an orgasim. At the end, I was ready to explode and she made me finish in her ass again. It was actually really enjoyable

Sounds like she loves anal so much she’d enjoy going anal (and oral) only. Why not suggest it to her? If she wants you to finish in her ass when you fuck her pussy, she’d probably enjoy having you in her ass the whole time even more.

And incorporating anal play on yourself as well would make an anal only relationship even more fun for the both of you, probably. Thanks for sharing!

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