Message: Anal Only Birthday Gift

Anonymous: For my husband’s birthday I let him do whatever he wanted to me, so he took his birthday and the next day (this past weekend) and we spent both days fucking around the house. He wanted me naked, so I stayed naked, and more pertinently to this blog he didn’t want to bother with my pussy so he didn’t. We just alternated between him fucking my ass and me sucking his dick whenever he wanted either. I don’t know if I’d want to go anal only permanently but I’d definitely enjoy doing that weekend again

Sounds like a lovely birthday gift! Since it was something you ended up enjoying, I would definitely suggest exploring anal only more.

You certainly don’t have to commit fully to it up front or anything, maybe just start by having an anal only weekend once or twice a month, and if that works out well, maybe every weekend could be anal only. If it continues to be fun for you and you feel yourself wanting more of it, then just gradually increase the amount of time you spend being anal only.

Thanks for sharing!

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