Message: Is Anal Only Growing in Popularity?

analonlylesbianDo you think the movement is growing or staying constant? I still see people regard it as a fetish.. I try to spread it myself, but other than my blog I haven’t made any progress.. It doesn’t seem to matter what I say.. 🙁 I just really want to see the day where “masturbation” means anal.. But I guess it’s early days for the movement? Anyway.. I guess it’s not really a question and I could’ve just messaged you, but just wondering what your thoughts are on it. Hope you have a good day~ ^_^

It’s continuing to grow, slowly but steadily.

To some it’s just one of many fetishes, something to play with from time to time or to use as a sort of fun “punishment”, etc., while to others it’s a way of life.

Anal has to reach widespread normalization on the same level as other sex acts before the majority of people will consider enjoying anal exclusively. It will get there.

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