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Thanks to your blog I had the confidence to get my fiancé to try anal sex. It took time but I never gave up seeing as it’s really no big deal now. For ages she turned me down, but I was patient and waited and didn’t push her too hard. I started by saying “if you don’t want anal sex then at least let me touch you back there” then things progressed to me licking her ass hole which she  really liked. After that she was more open to the idea saying “maybe” or “we’ll see”. Fast forward a few months and she finally gave it a try. Since then we’ve done it more and more often. She say’s that after getting used to the difference that it wasn’t anything like what she had been told or imagined and that at times it could feel pretty good! Nowhere near ready for anal only yet but hope to in the future.

Congratulations! Glad to hear my blog helped you approach her about it and that you were able to convince her to try. Keep it up, keep the focus on her pleasure and enjoyment of it, and she’ll continue wanting it more and more. Good luck and enjoy!

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Thanks for this. Already anal and vaginal are equal in her eyes. That’s a huge improvement in such a short time. It’s funny how after so long its like the damn just breaks. I try to steer things towards anal as often as I can but still without coming across as pushy. And yes, as always the focus is on her pleasure as I love seeing her cum during anal. There’s no better feeling than seeing that happen for her.

I wasn’t expecting a personal response as I know you must get hundreds of submissions so I was really excited. Don’t ever stop this blog as you are doing so much good giving top advice and encouragement, given people a real chance of having a happier and better sex life. I know its not *the* most important thing in life but it counts for a lot.

Great to hear, and I’m sure that as you continue towards it increasingly, anal will become the dominant and preferred source of pleasure for her. It can be hard to adjust to that idea at first, especially with a fast transition, but it often happens naturally over a bit more time. Keep it positive and keep encouraging her and helping her see that preference in a positive light.

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alwaysanalblog: It sounds as though he took the proper approach with his fiancé. Never push. Trying out anal should be something someone is willing to try, because they want to discover more about themselves and because they value pleasuring their partner. Moving forward slowly can be understandably frustrating for the eager partner but the results will be worth it in the long run. I believe if he carries on in the way he has begun then he could well be on his way to a happy and fulfilling anal only relationship.

I believe that as long as he keeps the focus on anal sex, and treats his woman well then he will be home and dry. @analonlylifestyle points out that it can take time to adjust, although this is usually more psychological than physical. Already her body will be responding positively to the enhanced stimulation she attains through anal sex. Her mind with it’s lifetime of assumptions and beliefs is a more delicate matter and great care should always be taken to help her through this time as she rebuilds her core ideals and self identity. It is an amazing time for her, and after she will cherish the patient and strong man who took a gentle lead in guiding her.

I sincerely wish them all the best.

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