Message: Want Anal Only Without Pleasure

Anonymous: I want to have anal only without having pleasure, that's why I want it so men can take their pleasure from my ass and leave me wanting. Is that possible?

This blog’s focus is more on mutual pleasure through the exclusivity of anal sex, so it may not be the best place for such a question, but I’ll do my best.

Do you already have anal sex, and do you enjoy it? If you do enjoy it, I don’t really know what you could do to reach your goal. If you don’t enjoy it and that’s what you want, keep on having it and enjoy not enjoying it. It is likely you will develop the ability to get pleasure from it over time, however.

If you haven’t yet had anal, you probably need to try it before going any further to figure out where to start from.

Another thing is to avoid any vaginal or clitoral stimulation during anal to avoid forming any pleasurable associations.

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