Message: My Girlfriend Is Convinced We Shouldn’t Try Anal

Anonymous: Any ideas or tips How to persuade or convince one’s girl to try anal sex. ( She is completely convinced that We shouldnt and wont ever try it)

There’s no real trick to it, you just have to communicate. Instead of making her feel pushed to do something she doesn’t want to do, ask her about it and listen to her, understand why she doesn’t want to try it, what her concerns are about it, and why she thinks it’s bad or wrong.

Most people who oppose it either think it’s painful, dirty or somehow morally wrong. The first two can be true but don’t have to be and can be avoided easily with bit of knowledge. The last is just outright false but you might have the hardest time changing someone’s mind if they think this is true.

If she has any willingness to try, you may be able to move forward slowly by introducing some mild anal play into your routine together, starting by rimming her. But she has to be on board to at least try, and if she isn’t, there’s not much you can do.

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