Message: Vaginal Doesn’t Get Me Off But My Man Doesn’t Like Anal

Anonymous: I love anal so much that I need to dp myself with toys cause vaginal sex doesn’t always get me off but my man doesn’t really want to do anal. What’s a way to convince him? And yes I have talked to him and he knows I need it. It’s rare if he will add toys to the mix, I just want a nice cock up my ass instead.

Talk to him about why he doesn’t want to do anal. Figure out why he doesn’t want to do it as much, especially if he knows that you need it to really enjoy sex. Is he grossed out or turned off by it, does he not like the necessary preparation, or is it something else?

In the meantime, make your masturbation anal only and wear a plug in your ass during sex if he won’t use a dildo on you anally.

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