Message: Why Are You So Biased?

Anonymous: While I agree with anal sex and all, I find it unsettling how biased you can get. If someone likes vaginal, fine. If someone likes anal, fine. But diminishing either of them is kinda dumb. Everyone likes different stuff, and some people weren’t build for anal, just as some people weren’t build for vaginal

This message was sent to the former counterpart of this blog on Tumblr, which illustrated anal only-themed captions with anal images and gifs.

This blog advocates the anal only lifestyle. Its bias is quite clear and not even remotely hidden. I’ll repeat it here: I’m very strongly biased in favor of anal sex over vaginal. This comes originally from my personal preferences, then from my experiences with partners and conversations with other people—men and women—who have similar preferences or experiences.

My experience is that anyone can enjoy anal sex and pleasure, but it takes different amounts of time and different approaches for different people. Most of all, however, it generally takes an interest in trying it and learning to enjoy it. If someone’s willing to do that, then they can probably enjoy it quite a lot with practice.

This blog is sometimes more fantastical than other times, and it’s also known to dip into the ridiculous and whimsical, in an attempt to not take itself too seriously. Some of the scenarios presented in captions strike a very positive and pro-anal tone, others are more from an anti-vaginal perspective. Different followers of the blog enjoy different things, so I try to strike a balance between a range of content.

Here’s my actual stance: people should do what they enjoy, but also try things if they sound interesting or appealing to them in some way to see if that’s something they would enjoy as well. I think anal is the best way to have sex and promote it as such, because it’s not only my preference but because I’ve seen hundreds—maybe thousands—of other people who have come to the same conclusion over the course of this blog and the greater anal only community and I think other people should give it a chance as well to see if it’s for them. If you try it sincerely and it’s not—great, you gave it a shot. If you do love it, even better—you found something new you really enjoy.

In my experience, though, most people who try anal with proper technique and preparation without rushing into it unprepared do enjoy it, and those who decide to try going anal only for a month or two and stay committed to it during that time usually find by the end that they really enjoy being anal only and want to keep going with it. There might be some self-selection and bias going on there as well, but the end result is more people finding that they enjoy anal or being anal only. In the end that’s what it’s all about.

I’m not forcing anyone to do anything, I’m just presenting an argument and encouraging people to try it for themselves and come to their own conclusions from there.

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