Message: Anal Only Orgasms? Real or Fairytale?

I must say that reading these anal only stories and advices makes me laugh and horny at the same time 🙂

I always thought myself as a big fan of anal sex but looks more like I´m no more than complete amateur what comes to butt fucking.

I even had short relationship with one of your Forum member I think he was called “no clit” or “hate vagina” or something like that and damn he was a funny guy and good in bed but he took little bit too seriously this anal only lifestyle 😀

He never allowed me to have even the smallest amount of any vaginal or clit pleasure and I was just fine with getting fucked only in the ass all the time but no clit stimulation or touching… Seriously what the hell is that?

Many guys here say that their wife or girlfriends can have orgasm from only anal sex and several women too claim that they can have orgasm by using only their asses… Really?

I´m 28 years old now and I have been having anal sex regular bases more than 10 years and just love it and specially anal orgasm are from another planet compared to pussy orgasms, but no way I can have orgasm if I can´t touch my clit.

Exactly the reason why there was no reason to continue sex relationship with someone soooo obsessed about only anal sex because it´s not fair to me that I am not allowed to have any orgasms and he could have as many as he wanted.

So my question is that are you really serious that there are so many girls able to have anal only orgasm without any clit stimulation because just about all my friends who have anal sex and I can guarantee that there´s many of them and I have never even heard that somebody can do that.

Sounds like bullshit to me…

Everyone is different. I don’t have actual statistics, but some women absolutely can orgasm from just anal, some can have a sort of ruined orgasm from it, and others need clitoral stimulation in combination to orgasm. Some who can’t do it at first can learn how to, but again everyone’s different here as well and it can take longer for some than for others to learn how, and the techniques that work to achieve it can differ from person to person. For some it’s very easy and natural, for some it’s possible but very difficult. Some women can orgasm anally but not vaginally/clitorally.

My position is that being anal only is fundamentally only about choosing to exclude vaginal intercourse. Everyone can and should have their own interpretation and implementation of the anal only lifestyle beyond that. If you need/want clitoral stimulation along with your anal, go for it! If you can orgasm from just anal and prefer doing so, do that. Do what works for you and what you enjoy.

My reason for encouraging people to experiment with clitoral denial is to try and unlock other forms of pleasure and orgasm. It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay. It’s certainly not about a denial of pleasure — which can be a kink for some and there’s nothing wrong with that either if everyone’s on board with it — but a means of trying to achieve more pleasure. If you’ve tried it and it’s not more pleasurable for you, then know that you at least tried something new.

Keep on enjoying anal the way you enjoy it. If you ever want to experiment with achieving anal only orgasms again at some point, I would suggest being open to the idea, but do it perhaps more with the mindset of doing it for your own benefit and enjoyment and exploring a different source of pleasure for yourself, rather than because someone demands it or because they want to deny you pleasure.

The original version of this post on Tumblr received the following responses.

pinkishah: Anal only is the best way

a-dead-mouse: My partner comes from anal only stimulation. She is very orgasmic though. She squirts too. Analgasms are real.

assappreciationarea: The are definitely real. I was getting fisted by this girl and i had another girl sitting on my face. And i came all over my stomach and they weren’t even touching my dick

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