Difference Between Anal and Other Orgasms

Anonymous: Can you describe the difference between anal orgasms and non anal orgasms?

ilikeitintheass: Anal orgasms are always full body orgasms. I feel it everywhere. As soon as the orgasm subsides, I am still horny and i want to keep having more and more and more orgasms. To keep getting fucked, to squirt and explode and even then, still have the desire and energy for more anal orgasms.

Non-Anal orgasms can sometimes be full body orgasms. Sometimes they’re big and sometimes they are small. But after one or two, maybe three, for those that can have multiple orgasms, a lot of women lose the desire for more orgasms and they want to stop. Some women lose the desire for sex for days, weeks.

Anal orgasms keep me horny. Non anal orgasms don’t. But they both feel incredible.

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