Message: What is an Anal Orgasm?

Anonymous: What is an anal orgasm? For as long as i’ve had anal, sometimes just anal stimulation, other times DP or clitoral stimulation, I don’t think I’ve ever orgasmed from just anal. Maybe I have and didn’t know it. I squirt from just anal if he hits the right spot, and it feels really good, but I stay horny and want to fuck more. I suppose I’m not sure what an anal only orgasm looks like. Has any of the ladies doing this ever explained it? I would really like to know. or maybe you know?

It’s an orgasm triggered by anal rather than external clitoral stimulation. It comes naturally to some, less so to others. Some (most?) are able to develop the ability with practice.

I imagine they can be a bit different to different people. An explosive episode of squirting where it feels really good but you stay horny after sounds like it fits the criteria for a lot of women. Perhaps some who experience anal orgasms on a regular basis can share what they’re like for them.

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analfeelsgood: “I stay horny and want to fuck more” is one of my favorite things about anal orgasms. I’d say for me, they’re a little more intense than what they seemed to describe, but overall, yeah. It feels really good, like a wave of pleasure, and has a similar kind of… shudder-y hot clenching feeling in my body as a clit orgasm. But a clit orgasm is like… a wave crashing on the beach, while an anal orgasm is more like a wave breaking in the ocean. If that makes sense.

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