Message: More Challenges

Anonymous: I’d love to see more challenges throughout the year instead of just at the end of the year. Maybe a couple of basic anal only challenges as well as some more advanced ones for people who are already anal only?

This is a great idea, and I’ve been thinking of spreading them out for a while now anyway—more on that to come.

No Pussy November (and other challenges) have always encouraged people who are already anal only to try adding an additional challenge component to their routine for the month—whether clitoral denial/anal only orgasms, ass to mouth, 24/7 plugging, double anal, or whatever goal suits each person. It could be interesting to have a monthly challenge specifically for one of the various more niche elements of the anal only lifestyle, though. A month where everyone is encouraged to experiment with clit denial. A month where everyone is encouraged to wear a plug as often as possible. And so on, as an opportunity to explore new ideas and then incorporate them into their full time routine after if they enjoyed it.

I’d be interested in people’s feedback on that, as well as suggestions for such challenges—specifically with relation to the anal only theme—to be utilized going forward.

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