Discussion of the Day: For those ladies who allow anal penetration as a regular part of your sex life, how much do you enjoy this activity?

The discussion begins with a poll of women who have done anal play or had anal sex on a regular basis. The vast majority of the women who voted say anal is as good as vaginal, followed by a few who prefer anal.

There are some good replies, a couple of which follow:

After 23+ years of resistance my wife ‘gave in’. To me the shocking part is that in less than 6 months she turned into a ‘butt slut’ – she absolutely loves it and has learned to orgasm from anal sex rather easily. We are now nearly 95% anal vs 5% vaginal!

I used to be completely turned off at the thought until I got together with my current bf. I am more comfortable with him than I ever have been past bf’s. I have also found that if you relax and really pay attention to the different feeling you can find the ways and positions that you like. Now that I am comfortable with it I could not imagine my sex life without anal. The orgasm is amazing and it almost makes you feel a little closer to your partner.

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