Message: Anal Only Saved Our Marriage

Anonymous: I don’t want to sound dramatic and it probably sounds that way, but going anal only may literally saved our marriage. For us vaginal has been uncomfortable and stressful, especially since for medical reasons I’m kind of limited in what birth control I can use. I had only had bad experiences with anal before and only heard bad things, but I decided to power through it for the sake of intimacy, found better resources (and this blog), and since we started Nov we’re closer than we’ve been in years.

I’m glad to hear that! It doesn’t sound dramatic at all, perhaps because you’re not the first couple I’ve heard something similar from. Anal can be a fantastic alternative when vaginal is painful or uncomfortable for any number of reasons. I’m glad it’s working out well for the both of you and I’m sure that as you continue to do it more, it will just keep getting better.

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