Vaginal Painful After Going Anal Only

Anonymous: Thanks! Because of you, we are anal only since august.. At first she did it just to try it, and then, when we tried do to it in the vagina, she felt a huge pain that almost made her cry. I asked her if she wants to go anal only and she agreed. Now she wouldn’t take her birth control pills because she thinks it’s a waste of time and money since we are not doing anything in the vagina until we start having kids. So I guess we’re stuck with anal..

analk1ng: Congratulations! There’s nothing wrong with being stuck with anal. You’ll both find yourselves enjoying anal only so much more. And as you’ve discovered, there are additional benefits. I’m curious though, about that pain – it sounds like there is more to your story. Had vaginal sex always been difficult?

Vaginal can be uncomfortable for some women, and only through regular use does it stay tolerable or enjoyable—and even then, it may not always be all that enjoyable. In contrast, after experiencing anal pleasure for a while, going back can be quite an uncomfortable or even painful surprise.

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