Message: Broke Up With Anal Only Girlfriend, Now She Wants Back

Anonymous: So my most recent girlfriend dated for a year and a half and We were anal only for the last six months, we broke up about a month ago and now she’s trying to get back together with me, and she’s concerned that she lost all progress with anal because she stopped touching her ass when we broke up and she’s afraid jumping back into the anal only lifestyle after taking a month off will be painful for her… but I don’t want to touch her pussy… what should I do?

If you’re interested in getting back together with her, do so, but tell her up front that you are only interested in being anal only so that she knows for sure what she’d be getting into and can choose whether that’s what she wants as well.

If she’s concerned, ease into it a bit. Give her a little time to readjust to anal and anal only again—it will take less time than she thinks. Focus more on oral at first if she needs to get used to it again.

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