Message: No Disrespect to Vaginal, but I Don’t Get It

Anonymous: I don’t mean any disrespect to people who like vaginal sex, but I honestly don’t get it. I tried it for a few years before I discovered anal, but I could never cum from it and always had to rub my clit during sex or finish on my own after he was done. With anal, I don’t need my clit at all and guys like it a lot better too when I tell them I only want them to fuck my ass. I’ve had more than one tell me guys don’t really like pussy either and always prefer anal. So why keep fucking pussy?

Everybody is different, both physically and mentally. A combination of physical and experiential differences lead to different preferences and needs. People should do what works for them. You and I (and a lot of other people, it seems like) enjoy anal only and dislike vaginal, but not everyone does, and I doubt everyone ever will (though there is certainly plenty of room in the world for more people to enjoy positive experiences with anal and discover that they love it up the butt too). I suggest you don’t worry about people who want to have vaginal sex, and simply enjoy the fact that you don’t. Share your preferences with others in a positive way if you like and you may encourage some people to try it themselves, but don’t put people down if they like something different.

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