Message: How to Go Anal Only With Wife?

Anonymous: How do I get my wife to go anal only? She seem to enjoy anal in general, sometimes she asks for it herself. Now we are like 40% – vag only, 55% – vag + anal, 5% just anal. I understand I need to make anal enjoyable as much as possible. Some tips to share? How and when do I approach sucn an extreme idea? I don’t want to scare her off.

I would suggest just gradually working there by increasing the amount of anal you do over time, rather than pushing for it all at once. Complement her ass, talk about how much you love it and having anal sex with her, make her cum during anal as often as you can, be very positive about it and make her enjoy it and feel confident about anal, and just keep doing it often. Over a several month period see if you can shift things towards more frequent anal, and if that is successful and everyone is happy, shift it towards anal some more, repeating as necessary.

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