Discussion: My Wife is Suddenly Into Anal Sex

After 9 years of marriage my wife now suddenly wants anal sex. First of all I’ll describe her. She’s 5’6’ with 34DD chest and a nice plump ass. Sex has always been good and last week while spooning her she grabs my hand and gestures it to her ass and I grab hold and she says “no I want you to slide a finger in my ass while you fuck me!’ Needless to say I did.

She seemed to really enjoy it and then she pulled my finger out and my cock and then directed my cock upwards and I knew what she wanted. So of course I obliged while at the same time being quite surprised by this. 

Ever since I’ve thought about it a lot and boy does it turn me on! She hasn’t mentioned why she suddenly wants anal sex and I’m not complaining! Just writing this turns me on and I hope she’s is wanting more as time goes on.

Has anyone else had this and did you find out why your wife/partner suddenly wanted anal sex?

This is a very common evolution as women get older and more sexually open minded. These days, young women are very into anal as well, but earlier generations were often less open to anal sex when they were younger and don’t discover the pleasures of anal or the fact that they actually prefer it until a bit later in life.

Every effort should be made to encourage this shift, and to give her as much anal pleasure as possible as often as possible to deepen her preference and obsession with anal. Over time, a shift to pure anal only is likely, so long as her anal experiences are positive and more frequent and pleasurable than vaginal.

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