Message: Preparation Before Anal

Anonymous: So my boyfriend and I are going to try anal for the first time next week. How should I prepare myself so I’m cleaned out, since we are going out to dinner beforehand?

Go to the bathroom before you go to dinner, and you could use a small douche with warm water to flush out just your rectum, no deeper, an hour or so before you leave. Leave a little buffer time in there to make sure to get all the water out, but if you just use a very small amount a few times, you should be fine. You may want to practice using an anal douche in advance to know what to expect.

If you’re used to wearing a butt plug, you might try wearing it in advance, either before going to dinner or even during. Removing it in the restroom before sex can give you a chance to make a final cleanliness test, or alternatively you could use a dildo briefly in the restroom before for that purpose.

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