Message: Questions About Anal

Anonymous: I am in love with anal and wanna try it as soon as possible with my bf .I wanna ask that should I wash my anal before having his dick inside or it doesn’t matter and can I leave his sperm inside ?Also I wanna ask is the feeling of anal sex is different between male and female?

Washing out your rectum with a douche or a small enema is a matter of personal preference and depends how concerned you are about being sure you’re 100% clean vs. just going to the bathroom ahead of time and knowing you’re most likely clean and not worrying about it beyond that. If you want to check in advance, you can just use a dildo in your ass for a minute or two before sex and confirm that it’s clean.

You can leave his semen inside—it won’t cause any harm to you—but do note that there is a slim but not nonexistent chance of pregnancy if it leaks out later and runs into your vagina. If he ejaculates deep enough inside you, it’s more likely to just stay inside and be absorbed into you, or if you put a butt plug in after to keep it inside.

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