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Anonymous: You used to post a lot of articles, both your own and quotes and stuff from other articles you found and you would respond to, I liked that a lot. Maybe do some more of that again?

I had forgotten all about some of those!

I’d love to do more original writing/articles on various aspects of the anal only lifestyle. I made some noise about this earlier this year, asking for suggestions on topics, and received some good feedback but didn’t follow through. I’d like to correct that (and I also welcome even more suggestions on topics people would like to see covered) going forward.

I’m also open to doing some more quoting of and responding to articles/stories/online commentary about anal/anal only, but I haven’t seen as much discussion to comment on of late. Google’s search quality for anal topics and sexual topics in general has really gone downhill, and content that still exists online often can’t be found through Google anymore.

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