Message: GF the Opposite of Anal Only

Anonymous: My gf is the opposite of anal only. We’ve had anal 4 times. 3 where she somewhat liked it and once where she felt in pain (my bad). Ever since the time I hurt her she refuses to try it again despite me telling her it would be different. I dream of entering her ass again, how could I convince her to try again?

Talk with her about it. Ask her why she doesn’t want to try it again. I’m guessing it was uncomfortable for her to begin with and then painful the last time, and now she doesn’t think it will get any better and doesn’t want to continue, having mostly done it for you to begin with.

Read up on anal and how a woman can enjoy it. There’s lots of information out there, some better than others. Read multiple sources. Once you’re confident you’ve got an understanding of the basics, ask her if she’d be interested in trying anal play again with a focus on her enjoyment of it. Don’t even try anal sex at this point, just introduce some anal play into your sex life if she agrees. Rub or finger her asshole during vaginal or oral. Rim her. Try to include some sort of anal play when she cums sometimes. Gradually work up with two fingers, etc., as she’s ready for it. If she’s enjoying the anal play, get her a small/medium butt plug.

If you approach anal play correctly, and she enjoys it, she’ll be more open to trying anal sex again. It’s got to be enjoyable for her too, and it can be.

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