What Sort of Content Do You Want to See?

This has been somewhat of a recurring theme from time to time, but there has been little response in the past, so the question will continue to be asked.

This blog consistently averages between 600 and 900 unique visitors per day, with about ⅔ of that coming from search engine traffic as people search for related topics and end up directly on articles and posts rather than visiting the site or browsing the homepage for new posts. Much of the remaining ⅓ are visiting the homepage, however, which means there are 200 – 300 of you checking for new posts regularly. Your feedback is desired.

The schedule this blog has fallen into is posting every other day, with each Sunday being an original article and the rest of the week featuring other articles, posts, discussions, and messages from readers. After all these years, it can be challenging to write new original articles, however, and some readers have expressed displeasure at the topics of some articles being unrealistic or “fetish fuel”, perceiving them as not being meant to be taken seriously or pushing a manipulative viewpoint.

So, what sort of articles would you like to read? Are there topics you want more written about? Guest articles? (Any volunteers to write any?) Other perspectives on anal and the anal only lifestyle? Or would people rather see more of a focus on what is shared the rest of the week and only have original articles from time to time as a good idea arises rather than being on a fixed weekly schedule?

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4 responses to “What Sort of Content Do You Want to See?”

  1. Stephen says:

    I wish there was a way for more anal sex oriented people to get together at social events and see if they can meet someone to form some kind of desired relationship. As an anal sex preferring heterosexual male, I never been so happy and so content as when I had an anal queen as my partner and I didn’t have to pretend to care about pussy too much. This world needs people to learn to do anal without injury and we desperately need more women to discover the pure joy and satisfaction of being an anal princess.

    • analonlylifestyle says:

      Meetups aren’t going to be a thing for a while during a pandemic, and attempts at combining communities like this with dating tends to just attract a bunch of creeps, which reduces the involvement of sincere people and devalues the community over time.

  2. Stephen says:

    You make valid points. Its a pity it seems like it has to be this way.

  3. Anon says:

    There will always be a conflict of interest since people can be Anal Only due to a wide variety of reasons.

    People wanting to keep their purity for marriage or have vaginismus problems will feel uneasy when bundled with people who only do anal because of BDSM or fetishes. There is no way around it. I think that what would solve it is to more clearly mark articles and submission; is it more information-oriented to anyone looking for anal sex information or is it more BDSM-fetish-fuel or fantasy oriented?

    Guest writers is a wonderful idea, I would be very interested in how other people handle anal-only in their relationships. Specifically from a more practical down-to-earth standpoint. Share tips and trix maybe?

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