Message: Anal Only September, Part 3

Anonymous: Week 3 of Anal Only September and honestly, I’m going another month. At least… 😉

I’m not surprised, but I am thrilled to hear it’s going so well for you. When someone does an anal only month as a personal challenge or to try something new sexually (as opposed to it being, say, a punishment or something in a D/s context) I find a majority want to keep going after.

I think the reasons for this are twofold—general enjoyment of being anal only, the thrill of succeeding at their challenge, and not wanting it to end; and the fact that they’ve been having regular anal sex makes it a lot easier in general to do anal, the more frequently you’re getting it up the butt, the better it feels and the less warmup and preparation you need each time.

Enjoy! (I know you will.)

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