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A series of updates from a woman who goes anal only for the month of September, then decides to keep going anal only long-term.

Message: Anal Only September, Part 5

Anonymous: Anal Only September girl here again, this time with super happy news! I’m going to get ass”raped” by my Dom on Sunday and I’m sssssooooooo excited for it!!!!! Moral of the story every girl should do an anal only month 🙂

Congratulations, have fun! It’s not clear from what you’ve said if you ended up staying anal only after your trial month, or if you’ve returned to a mix but find yourself craving and enjoying anal more after doing it exclusively for a month.

Either way, I agree, every girl (and couple) should try at least a month of anal only. Many find they love it as a result, often after never even really considering it before that.

Message: Anal Only September, Part 4

Anonymous: Anal Only September girl going to class wearing a butt plug for the first time today (because I crave my ass filled all the time these days…)! How exciting… should make a boring lecture far more entertaining!

That’s great! Hope it went well! I think you’ll find that craving will grow even more the more you plug your ass—fortunately, it’s a craving that’s easily satisfied and far better for you than many cravings!

Message: Anal Only September, Part 3

Anonymous: Week 3 of Anal Only September and honestly, I’m going another month. At least… 😉

I’m not surprised, but I am thrilled to hear it’s going so well for you. When someone does an anal only month as a personal challenge or to try something new sexually (as opposed to it being, say, a punishment or something in a D/s context) I find a majority want to keep going after.

I think the reasons for this are twofold—general enjoyment of being anal only, the thrill of succeeding at their challenge, and not wanting it to end; and the fact that they’ve been having regular anal sex makes it a lot easier in general to do anal, the more frequently you’re getting it up the butt, the better it feels and the less warmup and preparation you need each time.

Enjoy! (I know you will.)

Message: Anal Only September, Part 2

Anonymous: Anal Only September girl here! It’s only the 9th, I’ve been strict about not putting anything inside my pussy, not even my fingers, and I’ve started to notice a fundamental difference… when I get turned on, I’m far more aware that I have two holes. It’s not an “I want something inside my pussy” feeling anymore, it’s a more diverse desire to just be filled… More and more often I find myself just craving something in my ass – to be honest, I’m starting to forget I even have a hole in my pussy.

Message: Anal Only September

Anonymous: I joked about having an Anal Only September with my long-distance boyfriend and we ended up actually deciding to try it… now I’m only allowed to touch my clit if I have a toy inside my ass and in two weeks I’m going to go pure anal only with no pussy stimulation whatsoever… I’m really nervous but also super excited… any tips?

Congratulations! A month of anal only is a wonderful way to experience the benefits of an anal only relationship without making a long term commitment up front. I’m sure you’ll love it! I like the idea of incorporating clitoral denial but easing into it over a couple of weeks, and I’d like to hear more about how this goes for you as you transition from being able to use your clit during anal play to going pure anal only.

I would suggest starting out with a higher frequency of clitoral stimulation during your anal play but working towards tapering it off as you approach the two week point where you will abandon it fully, in order to help with that transition rather than it being a sudden removal. Try, during the first two weeks, to get close to orgasm with as little clitoral stimulation as possible, and see if you can continue to push that more and more until you’re only using your clit the absolute bare minimum needed to cum.

Once you do go into the clit denial stage, whenever you feel the urge to touch yourself, rub your ass and your asshole instead. Finger your ass, use toys, do whatever it takes to redirect that urge to touch your clit to your ass instead, until it feels natural to go for your ass instead when you feel aroused. The urge to touch your clit is a habit, and it can be changed.

If you haven’t already, I would suggest joining the Anal Only Lifestyle Forum and creating a thread in our Challenges forum where you can post updates and receive encouragement from other users. Those who have done so find it helpful to maintain momentum towards their goal. Good luck, and enjoy!