Message: Hard Time Inserting New Butt Plug

Anonymous: I recently bought a vibrating butt plug and am having an extremely hard time inserting it. I have been having anal sex for years now (not solely) but I just seem to be having a lot of difficulty. I want to surprise my BF with it but I have to get it inserted first 🙂 Any suggestions?

Aside from the basics of being sure to use enough lube and gently but firmly inserting it while relaxing and “pushing out” as if going to the bathroom, perhaps it’s the shape or size which is causing difficulty? If it’s particularly long, for example, it could take a little getting used to given its likely rigidity for the length.

Try easing it in as far as it will go, then relaxing your ass as much as you can and pushing it in a little more and repeating until it’s either in or you can’t take it any more, in which case, let it slide back out partway, and try again. Usually going back and forth like this for a while will ultimately let you get it in, but if it doesn’t, don’t force it. Try again the next time, and over time you’ll get there.

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