Message: One Week Before Anal For First Time

Anonymous: Girlfriend is giving me anal for my birthday for the first time. We have 1 week. Tips on getting her ready so this becomes a more often thing?

Training, warmup and lube. Use lube during any sort of anal play. She should on her own, and the two of you together should start training her ass and practicing with fingers and ideally something like a butt plug as well. Rub the outside of her ass while eating her pussy, finger her ass gently during the same and during vaginal sex. Gradually work up to a second finger, then a third. If it hurts when you increase in size, go back to the smaller for a while before trying again. Pain means it’s not warmed up and relaxed enough. She should push out as if going to the bathroom during penetration to better relax.

Warm up before every session. This means start at the smallest and gradually work back up to the biggest she can take comfortably rather than just jumping to that larger size. Warming up relaxes the muscles and allows painless penetration and helps prevent injury. Definitely, definitely take as much time as she needs for warmup before attempting actual anal sex.

When you do that, she should be on top and sitting down onto your penis so she can control the depth and speed. She should slowly work her way down onto you, stopping as needed to adjust, then once you’re fully in, she should stay there for a moment until any discomfort fades before starting to move. Once she’s gotten used to it after a few minutes, you can change positions and take more control.

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