Message: Thoughts on Double Anal

Anonymous: What are your thoughts on double anal? It’s been coming up more and more lately in pornography.

Double anal is much more of an advanced act than regular anal for most people, and it’s something that many people won’t be interested in. But it’s certainly something that’s possible for most anyone to learn to do safely if they’re interested in trying it.

For example, if someone wants to be anal only but also enjoys double penetration and misses the practicality of vaginal penetration for that purpose, it’s a way for them to continue enjoying a form of double penetration while remaining strictly anal only. Women who regularly do double anal often say that they find it a lot more pleasurable than vaginal + anal forms of double anal, too.

There are also women out there in relationships with multiple men, and double anal can be a form of mutual intimacy between them all at the same time. With practice, it can even become a regular thing, with at least one women in such an arrangement reporting that she and her boyfriends did double anal almost exclusively, three to five times a week on average.

Double anal can be worked up to in the same as training yourself for regular anal sex: gradual increases in size, practice with large toys, introducing a second dildo into the mix while masturbating, and getting to the point where with a little warmup you can slide two cocks into your ass together with no pain.

I have no doubt that as anal and the anal only lifestyle continue to get more popular, more people in polyamorous relationships or who enjoy sex with multiple partners will start adopting double anal as a regular practice, or even just a special treat.

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2 responses to “Message: Thoughts on Double Anal”

  1. Amy says:

    I have been dooing double on reguler bais at least the las 3 years. I was doing anl for like 2 years begore that. With that being said. Can anyone done triple ana1 and anyone can tell me how it feals. Because i am eager to try it.

  2. Leroy says:

    Gay guy here triple anal is good but overated my two bfs love to do it to me. We do double anal multiple times everday. I do triple about twice a month.

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