Discussion: Do Women Enjoy Double Anal Sex?

A Quora user asks:

I tried double anal because I’d seen it in porn and was curious. I have two bisexual male friends who were willing to try it with me. Quite honestly we could never get it to work. It was difficult for all three of us to get in a position where they could both penetrate me very deep. I decided it just wasn’t worth it. I think double anal is really more of gimmick for porn, somewhat like a circus trick.

While double anal is something that most people, even those who love anal sex, will never do, it actually is something that people do outside of porn, and isn’t just a “circus trick”. It takes practice and training to get to the point where you can regularly and easily do it, however, and have it be more than just a shallow, unsatisfying penetration.

There are women in polyamorous relationships with two men who practice double anal as a form of shared sexual activity. While they will at times do anal + oral together, they will also regularly engage in double anal, some doing it 3 to 5 or even more times per week.

Another Quora user responded with a similar statement:

Some people enjoy receiving double anal penetration. Some people enjoy giving it. Some people enjoy watching it.

Probably none of these are the majority, but there are many, very many people who do. If done right, it is very pleasurable.

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