Message: Can’t Wear Plug Too Long Without Feeling Dirty

Anonymous: I’ve always been interested in anal, I even bought plugs. However, I can never wear one for too long because I end up feeling dirty. Do you have any tips that could maybe help me be more dedicated?

Dirty in the sense of hygiene or feeling bad/ashamed?

If the former, go to the bathroom before and you’ll be okay most of the time.

If the latter, it can take some time to work through. Always tell yourself there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what you’re doing. It’s important to consciously believe this—but that’s often not enough, and people can still feel bad after doing certain things even if they enjoy it and don’t have any rational reason to feel that way. Being aroused tends to keep that feeling of doing something wrong away, and then there can be a crash after you orgasm where you feel shame, even if you have no reason to be ashamed about anything.

To start out, put in your plug and masturbate while wearing it. After you orgasm with it in, try to keep it in for as long after as you feel comfortable doing so. This may not be very much time at all at first, which is fine. The important thing is to try and keep pushing that limit. As you get further along with this, you’ll get more comfortable with having something in your ass in general.

Another alternative is to experiment a while with keeping yourself in a longer term state of arousal through either edging or ruined orgasms, neither of which give the same amount of crash as a normal orgasm. These aren’t necessarily for everyone, though, but may be useful in the short term just to provide you with a period of time to experiment with anal play while being more aroused and thus more open to it.

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