Message: Anal Has Gotten A Little Messy Lately

Anonymous: My wife and I have began to enjoy anal more frequently and we both enjoy going harder deeper and longer sessions which is even better, however I am relatively big (about 9 inches) and I find lately some sessions when I’m fucking her really hard in the ass have resulted in a little mess in the end which is a big big turn off. Not sure if this is because she is too relaxed, I’m going too deep or just normal? We have tried douching a couple of times but I think we might be doing it wrong?

Well, you should always be prepared for a mess even if there are things you can do to mitigate the risk. It comes with the territory.

With a healthy, high-fiber diet, the rectum should be empty virtually all the time except immediately before needing to go to the bathroom. However, the average rectum is between 4 and 6 inches in length (some are shorter, some are longer), and beyond the rectum you’re far more likely to encounter feces. So avoiding going too deep is one option.

Douching is usually only going to clean out the rectum itself. You’ll often need the larger volume of water from something like an enema to clean more deeply, but it’s not recommended to do full enemas too frequently.

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