Message: Being Open About Wanting Only Anal

Anonymous: I’ve been watching this blog a while and theres something I’ve long thought of asking: Now that so many people are having anal and its losing the stigma do you thought people will be more open about just wanting anal? I know lots of guys just don’t get much out of vaginal and would prefer anal-only. Will it be acceptable soon? I wouldn’t be surprised, given all the interest I see, if it wasn’t around 50% that feel this way. For myself, I can’t imagine a life without anal, just how it is.

As a preference for anal and a desire for anal only has less stigma attached to it, I think more people are going to admit their preferences and that vaginal sex doesn’t do much for them. And that, in turn, will reduce the stigma further. There is safety in numbers, and the more people who are honest about it, the more others will too.

There definitely are many people of both genders who do not get much out of vaginal sex, and in many cases they just keep trying with something inferior either out of fear of mentioning it or misinformation about the alternative. That’s one of the main goals of this site, to get people talking about anal sex more honestly and admitting their desires and preferences to themselves. If someone needs anal sex to have a fulfilling sex life, there’s nothing wrong with that. They just need to find someone compatible, and as we can see from the response to this site so far, there are more compatible people out there than one might expect.

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