Message: Shaggin’ Her Ass in Chicago, Part 3

Shaggin’ her ass in Chicago again,

I thought a lot about what you said about my wifes vagina having served its intended purpose and there being no need to use it again.  For some reason I never thought about it from that perspective.  The thought that her body may have instinctively known this was one of those mind blowing moments.  That something that society looks at as unnatural is so natural that it was what her body craved.

Although we’ve never talked about any formal commitment to anal only, we have talked about how we both prefer anal sex to vaginal.  This got me wondering if she’d ever desire vaginal sex again.  So I told her what you said and asked her what she thought.  She was almost taken aback at the thought.  She totally agreed with everything you said.  She even said she thought her body was made for anal sex and that her vagina had served its purpose.  She affirmed she had no desire to ever have vaginal sex again.

Thank you again for all you do to educate others about anal sex.

That’s wonderful that you’re both so in tune on this and have now both figured out that you’re ready to move past vaginal for good to enjoy anal only going forward. You’ve got a lifetime to continue exploring and enjoying the benefits and nuances of the anal only lifestyle together.

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