Message: How To Have Anal Without Pain For Days After?

temptationsparadise: How can you have anal sex without being in pain for the next few days?

Training, lube and warmup. You can’t just jump straight into anal sex. First you have to train and work up to comfortably fitting something penis-sized. Start with a finger, add another, repeat. Get a butt plug and wear it for as long as is comfortable, slowly increasing that amount of time each time you try it. Masturbate or engage in other sex acts while wearing a butt plug or getting fingered anally. After you can comfortably do all this, then consider trying anal sex for real again. Use the fingers and butt plug beforehand still, gradually warming up and increasing the size, then switch to the real thing.

Always use plenty of lube, stop moving if something hurts and try again slower after the pain fades, and always stop if there’s any blood. Anal sex should not hurt or cause damage. If it does, you’re not properly warmed up enough for the level of anal penetration you’re experiencing and you need to back off and gradually work up to that size some more first.

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