Women and anal masturbation

The journey to the anal only lifestyle often starts out with anal masturbation, which leads to a natural desire to want to experiment with anal sex as well. Also, women who prefer anal stimulation, or who would be anal only otherwise if they were in a relationship, often masturbate anally.

At edenfantasys.com a woman asks if any other woman masturbate anally, without any vaginal or clitoral stimulation.

One woman says:

I could cum from anal masturbation only but Id much rather have all three (clit, g-spot and anal orgasm) so no I don’t ever do anal masturbation ONLY, but it normally is included in what Im doing.

Another says:

I have and I do. I find anal stimulation to be extremely pleasurable, and honestly, some of my best masturbation orgasms are from anal masturbation.

A third says:

I have never O’d from masturbating anally alone. With clitoral stimulation and a toy or vibrator in my behind, yes. I can O from anal sex without massaging my clit if the guy I’m with is way above average in width and length but I know there’s a whole mental taboo thing thats going on with that that helps to send me over bliss’s edge.

So there we have differing responses, but all point to how common anal masturbation is and how great the possibilities for pleasure from anal stimulation are, whether with from a penis or solo.

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