Message: How Is Anal Sex More Natural?

Anonymous: I don’t understand how anal sex is more natural. It’s scientifically proven that vaginal sex is the natural way, women don’t conceive from anal sex. Other than that I love this blog, I just don’t like the fact that you’re treating anal sex like a religion. No offense intended, keep up the good work.

There is no doubt that from a reproductive standpoint the vagina is what nature “intends” to be used. However, the vast majority of sex is non-reproductive, and for the purposes of pleasure anal sex provides more advantages than vaginal. Therefore for many people, for pure pleasure alone, anal is more natural because it’s better suited for the purpose. Sure, there are some areas where it has to be adapted to that use (lubrication, preparation, practice), but it has has numerous natural properties that make it superior.

Also, as a sidenote, from the standpoint of sex purely for pleasure, the fact that it is not possible to reproduce from anal is one of its advantages.

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One response to “Message: How Is Anal Sex More Natural?”

  1. Allen says:

    Yo just FYI you don’t need to concede the vagina as the naturally “intended” hole…it really isn’t.
    I think you should shift your angle on this. Consider that the anus is actually the first evolved sex orifice…its called the “cloaca” but essentially its just the anus that non-mammals use for waste and sex.
    Mammals are the only animals that even have vaginas…and not even all of them. Monotremes don’t and marsupials effectively don’t.

    Consider that this perspective much better justifies why men are naturally more attracted to asses and anuses than vaginas…because we’re actually evolved toward the ass, not vagina.

    Before mammals evolved vaginas our ancestors were reproducing essentially anally. Mounting from the back.

    ………Question: why do you think the vagina evolved to be RIGHT next to the anus??

    Simple, because it is co-opting the already-programmed male attraction to the ass/anus.

    Basically wild animals are fucking in rear-mount position and aren’t conceptualizing a single thing about which hole it goes into.

    The programming to go in the rear is deep and primordial. The vagina being right next to the anus means that sometimes the male animal’s phallus penetrates it…other times it goes in the anus.

    If you’ve spent any time on a farm where livestock is being bred (whatever species you look at) these animals have zero intention to actually achieve fertilization. They are just fucking. Plenty of the time the phallus fails to even penetrate anything and its just a humping situation.

    And while i’m no animal fetishist, its informative to the full naturalness of anal sex…because from what i’ve seen, female cows, horses, hogs, and goats experience anal penetration no different than vaginal.

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