Why I Prefer Anal Only

I’ve been attracted to anal sex all my life. When I started watching porn, I was drawn to anal porn much more than vaginal. When fantasizing about sex, it was always anal rather than vaginal sex I wanted, but I never considered the possibility of going entirely anal only at the time.

After reading about the experiences of other people and their success with long term anal only relationships, however, the idea immediately turned me on. There is something tremendously hot about the idea of subverting the body’s “intent” and deriving all pleasure from anal penetration and completely abandoning the vagina. Effectively reprogramming the brain and shifting the pleasure center.

For many, men and women alike, anal sex provides immense pleasure and can allow women much greater orgasms than vaginal. For some women who cannot orgasm vaginally, anal provides the only way to do so.

So what about any of you? Why does the idea appeal to you, and have any of you successfully done so long term?

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