Discussion of the Day: Was she lying to me about never having anal sex before?

She says shes never had anal sex before, but when we tried it there was no difficulty getting it in. Is she telling the truth or lying?

This is incredibly frustrating to me. The first time they tried anal it wasn’t difficult and painful for the woman, so in his view she must be a liar who has been fucked in the ass before.

First, everyone is different, and some people have no problem taking cock up their ass on their first try. There are plenty of people online who report their first anal going seamlessly with no pain or difficulty at all.

Second, maybe she prepared for it by fingering or toying herself before. Maybe she’s masturbated anally on her own in the past because she likes how it feels. Maybe she thought things through ahead of time like a rational human rather than just letting a guy stick his dick in with no preparation.

A few good responses:

Let me just say that the first time I had anal, it wasn’t hard for him to get in and it didn’t really hurt me like I thought it would. I wouldn’t judge by that, plus my b/f kept asking me if I had anal before, so he may have had the same thought as you, but it really was my first.

Maybe she read a lot of articles and books or whatever on anal sex and knew how to prepare herself for it. Maybe she prepared her “tight little a$$” with a buttplug or something before you came over to cornhole her.

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