Message: Anal Agony After Two Months Anal Only

Anonymous: So me and my girlfriend have been anal only for about two months now and things have been great! However, today we were about to have sex and I was doing my usual foreplay with a dildo in her ass but after only a few seconds of the dildo in her ass she screamed in agony (mind you the dildo is a lot smaller than my penis) and I took the dildo out and there was a tiny little bit of blood on it… why all of a sudden did a small dildo hurt when we’ve been having frequent anal for two months now?

It could be that she just wasn’t quite expecting it or prepared for it, or the shape, hardness, or angle was off from what she’s used to, and so her muscles tensed up instead of letting it in. Let her recover for a few days before trying again, and go a little more slowly at first for a while.

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