Message: Thankful I Never Lost My Vaginal Virginity

A few years ago, I had the chance to lose my virginity, but I didn’t. For a while this bothered me, but now I’m happy I didn’t do it, because back then I didn’t know how pleasurable anal sex was for me. I would have ended up having mildly uncomfortable vaginal sex for sure.

And now I’m happy, because the thought of keeping a virgin pussy turns me on a lot. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if I HAD lost my pussy virginity, but I still think this is a very nice opportunity I have, so I am thankful for that “missed chance” You never know! 🙂

I think that’s exactly the right attitude to have! For someone who has gone anal only, it’s not really a big deal if you’ve had more experience already and tried vaginal before deciding that it wasn’t for you and moving to anal—but if you already know that before trying and choose to stay a vaginal virgin for your own reasons and enjoyment, that can be a pretty fun and sexy little bonus for yourself.

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