What is normal?

Many people hold back from embracing the anal only lifestyle. Why is this?

For so many people it keeps coming back to “Is it normal?” , “Am I normal?” or “Is he/she normal?”. The more one considers the concept, the more ludicrous it becomes. Would a couple who choose to only have oral sex be “normal” or not? To them it is normal.

Take this question at answers.yahoo.com:

My girlfriend wants to have nothing but anal intercourse so she doesnt get preg, what should i do?

It turns out his main concern is if having nothing but anal sex is “normal”.

My personal favourite answer (also chosen by the voters) is this:

You think you might turn into a gay person if you do? is that it?

Do you realize that more than 50% of the married men out there are trying to get their wives to do this and they get turned down. If they knew you were in this position they’d shoot you for asking if this is normal or want to take your place. They’d think you were crazy for not doing so. 

give it try, i’m sure you’ll love it!!!

Wise words indeed. It’s tragic when such a needless worry holds someone back from enjoying the ultimate in pleasure.

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