Message: Why Are So Many People Trashing Anal?

Anonymous: Why are there so many people in your inbox trashing anal? If you don’t like it that’s your problem. So many people are insisting that women don’t enjoy anal but that’s completely untrue, I can vouch myself! I’m seriously considering anal only!

Some people are just trolls, some people are confused or inexperienced, some people just don’t like anal and can’t imagine anyone else does either.

Most of us here know that they’re wrong, at least in the universal sense that they talk about. Sure, not all women enjoy anal, but we tend to take the optimistic approach that everyone can enjoy it if they want to put in the effort to get to that point, while people who leave such comments take the pessimistic approach that “if I don’t like it, no woman does!”

I tend to only post and respond to such comments publicly if there’s value in publicly disputing the arguments and perhaps showing an alternate point of view for the consideration of those who are on the fence on the subject.

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